Finding a lost animal in San Jose may seem like an overwhelming task, but at we can help you spread the word about your pet and increase your chances of seeing your favorite dog or cat again. Over the years we have successfully reunited hundreds of pets with their owners, and our system is simple to use and will go into effect immediately.

Traditionally, trying to find a lost dog in San Jose would involve personally putting up posters and knocking on the neighbors’ doors. It was slow and tedious, and you simply don’t have much time to waste when you’re searching for lost pets. At we will take care of that for you, immediately sending out a phone alert to the people in your neighborhood and an email/fax alert to the local pet-related organizations. These people will receive a detailed poster which they can then copy and post in different locations where other pet lovers are likely to see it.

As soon as we have gathered the necessary information from you, we will immediately send out the alert. Dogs and cats can cover a lot of ground pretty fast, but our alerts can do it faster. The sooner your information is in circulation, the better your chances of seeing your favorite missing cat or dog again, and our system was designed to increase your chances of seeing your pets safe and sound.

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