Lost pets can move fast, but we can move faster. At PetAmberAlert.com we have a long history of reuniting pets and owners, and we can send out phone and poster alerts to make sure that people in your community know what to look for. There are a lot of places for dogs and cats to get lost in Charlotte, but with enough people watching out for your pets, you will have a much greater chance of bringing them home.

Our system is designed to alert people and businesses in a radius of 10 to 100 miles from where your missing cat or dog was last seen, so the shelters across Charlotte will be able to contact you if your pet shows up. We start by gathering a little information about your pets (description, breed, name, etc.) and a photograph and use it to create some effective posters. We will then send this information along to Animal Control, the local shelters, and anywhere that other pet owners might gather. The more information we can circulate, the more it will help others recognize your pet and contact you about it.

We will also send phone alerts to the people in your community, because sometimes a poster just isn’t enough. Your personalized message will inform your neighbors of your loss and encourage them to keep an eye out for your missing pet. Animals can cover a lot of ground, but if you act quickly, you can make sure the alert moves faster.

2 Responses to “Finding Your Lost Pet in Charlotte”

  1. Heather says:

    Please Help us find our cat Goldie!
    He went missing early morning sat June 11 2016 from Corvus Court right off of Oakdale and Peachtree rd 28216. He is an indoor cat but we let him in our back yard (with a privacy fence) normally only supervised because he has jumped the fence before but always came back no more than a day max. We have searched around our whole neighborhood and called for him every day and spoke to anyone we seen and so this pic and so far no one has seen him, it’s like he just disappeared but we want our baby back! We are so worried about him I can’t sleep at night I just want to know he is ok. If anyone has seen him or knows where he is I’m begging you to please let me know ASAP! Message comment or call me at 7049777327 and please if you are in the are share this as much as possible! Someone has had to seen him I just need your help finding him!!! Thank you so much!!

  2. Merry says:

    Hi, I’ve lost my pet Joker. He’s a Jack Russell Terrier. He’s white and tan. Weighs close to 20 pounds. He’s wearing a grey flea collar. Joker went missing 8/8/2016. I live in Charlotte, NC.

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