Find Your Missing Dog or Cat ASAP With Quick PetAmberAlert Dispatch

Hope at last: Right now hundreds in your community can help you find your missing dog, cat or other pet

Find your pet now

A PetAmberAlert is your best chance at finding your pet. Our Pet Detectives will immediately dispatch these alerts to the community:

  • Poster Alert

    We'll fax and email your lost dog or cat poster to veterinarians, animal shelters, and animal control officers within 10 to 100 miles of the location last seen.

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  • Phone Call Alert

    We'll leave a personalized voicemail message with hundreds of local neighbors. Our emergency response service is exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry.

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  • Social Media Alert

    We'll post an immediate blast to accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Share our alert with your own connections to expand your research.

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Plus, when your pet is found, the finder can access our up-to-date database to contact you.

Reunite with your lost pet today for as low as $99.95

That's just pennies per person - an immense value when you consider how quickly you'll reach hundreds of people with phone calls, posters and social media alerts, without having to do the work yourself or pay for printing and phone calls.

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25businesses 50businesses 125businesses
for only $99.95 for only $149.95 for only $229.95
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PetAmberAlert Success Stories
  • “Dotti has been found...thank God!....thank you sooooo much for your fast service...”

    Amanda Gonzales

  • “We had given up hope when we signed up as the dog had been gone for 5 days. In less than a day, we got a call from an animal shelter that recognized her from your alert. Thanks and feel free to put me on your reference list!”

    James Cox

  • “I was so afraid this was a scam or a something, and it's NOT. Their flyers were everywhere they said they would be (I checked, trust me!!!), The first person who called me specifically mentioned seeing Daisy's's flyer in Petco, and upon coming across her in a parking lot they called Petco to get the number off the flyer so they could call me. Three hours later Daisy was home.”

    Shawna Mills

  • “Thank you for your help. A neighbor received your phone message and called me. I now have him back!! Great work!! I highly recommend you!!”

    Peggy Smith

  • “Three days after I lost my parrot I ordered a pet amber alert. Greenburgh Animal Control came to my workplace and asked me if I was looking for a lost parrot. They told me where they had brought Mikey, and I was reunited with him! I credit Pet Amber Alert with this.”

    Kenneth Monahan

  • “We got him back thanks to you. I will sing your phrases to anyone who asks.”

    Marianna Moore

  • “The woman who found Sadie took her to the vet and they had the amber alert from you. Thank you so much for your help in finding Sadie. She has two broken bones in her foot, but otherwise is doing well and happy to be home.”

    Cassandra Afshar

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