Finding Lost Pets in New York City has successfully reunited hundreds of lost pets with their owners, even in huge places like New York City. If you have lost your beloved pet, we can help you put the word out so you won’t be alone in your search. We reach out to your neighbors and all the usual suspects (shelters, pet stores, animal control, etc.) and involve them all with your efforts.

Lost pets can move really fast, so you have to act quickly to increase the chances of bringing them home safely. Even in New York, a lost dog could easily wander for miles. Once you submit your information to us, we will immediately send out the phone and poster alerts with photos, descriptions, and any other relevant details to make sure that people will recognize your dogs or cats and know exactly who to contact.

The process is simple. We will gather the necessary information about you and your missing pets and use it to create and send an effective poster to shelters and other pet-related businesses. The phone alert will also go out with your personalized, recorded message. Within minutes, hundreds or even thousands of people will know about your missing cat or dog, and you will have a much better chance to get your beloved animals back safe and sound.