Searching for Lost Pets in Austin

Give your beloved pets the best chance to return home by taking advantage of our system for finding lost animals. At we have successfully reunited hundred of pets and their owners, and our system is getting more effective every day. Austin is a huge city, and it may seem like an overwhelming task to try and find your lost cat in the middle of it, but if you can spread the word fast enough, you can have a lot more people on the lookout.

Dogs and cats can cover a lot of ground surprisingly fast, but our alerts can go faster. When you submit your information to us, we will issue the alert that same day and deliver important information to your neighbors and many of the pet-related businesses and organizations in the area. We can use your information to create an effective lost dog poster (or cat poster) and send it to the most relevant places. We will also send out a Facebook/Twitter blast to reach even more people and inform them of your loss.

No matter how big the city is, you shouldn’t give up hope of finding your lost pets. There are many examples of wayward dogs and cats showing up after months of wandering, and the more people that have seen a picture of your pets, the more likely this is to happen to you. Even so, the faster you move, the more likely your pet will be found. Don’t wait to send your alert.