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Poster Alert
$49.95 one time fee
Poster Alert Local Busineses
25 Faxes to Pet Businesses
30 Day Featured Pet Listing
Included QR Code/SMS Alert
FREE Facebook/Twitter Blast

Amber Alert
$119.95 one time fee
250 Phone Calls to Neighbors
25 Faxes to Pet Businesses
30 Day Featured Pet Listing
Included QR Code/SMS Alert
FREE Facebook/Twitter Blast

Phone Alert
$69.95 one time fee
Phone Alert Local Neighbors
250 Phone Calls to Neighbors
30 Day Featured Pet Listing
Included QR Code/SMS Alert
FREE Facebook/Twitter Blast

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find lost pets so quickly?

When a pet is lost, we use phones, faxes and social media to alert thousands of neighbors, animal shelters, veterinarians, hospitals, and pet stores in the area the pet was reported missing.

Why do you alert neighbors and businesses?

When searching for a lost pet it is extremely important to cover every angle. When someone finds your lost pet they will keep it at home or drop it off at the local shelter, vet’s office or pound. However with our system both bases are covered to make sure that your lost pet is safely recovered and does not slip through the cracks!

Why do you have such a high success rate?

After we send out an amber alert, the news instantly spreads to over 100x more people in the local community by word of mouth. The chances your pet comes in contact with someone who has received or heard of a PetAmberAlert™ are over 78%

Do businesses need to register to receive alerts?

No. Agencies do not need to register to receive alerts. As long as an agency exists, they will receive the alert. Our process is like no other in the industry. In fact, we do something no other company does – we make more than 5 million phone calls each year to verify that all our contact information is current and updated.

What if my neighbor is not home during the alert?

We will call a everyone up to 4 times within one hour, and if no one answers, we will leave a detailed lost pet voicemail with your missing pet’s information.

My lost pet has been found, how do I cancel my alert?

Please contact out support staff through our contact form or by phone and let us know that your pet has been found.

Why is it important that I cancel my alert?

It is important to make certain to inform all places you contacted (including us!) and remove flyers. Otherwise, valuable time is wasted which could be used for pets that are still missing.

How long will my Pet Listing stay in the database?

Missing pet listings will remain in our website for over 5 years or until the pet is found.

What if I live in an apartment complex or condo?

Not a problem! Our extensive database of phone numbers includes apartment complexes and condos.

Do I have to offer a Reward?

It is not required but a little extra incentive could not hurt. We recommend that if you do choose to provide a reward for your missing pet, do not specify an amount — simply add the word REWARD.

I have two pets, do I need to pay twice?

No, you can list up to three lost pets in one PetAmberAlert™. Simply file your first pet alert online, and then email the other pet’s information and photos to us.

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I am thankful that both dogs are back. Buddy was found as a direct success of your calls. Please feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial.

Harris Spindle | Phone: 1-(540) 373-2577
Dog Named Buddy Found with Phone Alert in Fredericksburg, VA