Getting Started

Similar to an “Amber Alert” for abducted children, has 3 options to help quickly get the word out about your lost pet. Please review the options and choose the one best suited for you.

3 100% Free Listing

FREE lost & found pet posting to help out our furry friends as much as we can.

Free Lost and Found Posting

Local Pet Businesses in the area receive your poster immediately. When someone finds a lost pet they will take it to a local Vet, Animal Shelter, Rescue Group, Animal Hospital, or Pet Store. However they will already have a pet amber alert poster with your contact information available.

View Sample Poster Alert


  • Fax your Lost Pet Poster Right to Local Veterinarians/Animal Shelters.
  • Alert Animal Shelter’s before the 5 day Euthanasia/Adoption Hold Expires.
  • Most Accurate/Largest Database of Pet Related Businesses in the USA/Canada.
  • Pet Detectives will Design a Poster that Attracts Attention and Produces Real Results.
  • Avoid Poster Printing & Postage Expenses.
  • Save Time by Distributing Hundreds of Printed Posters in Minutes.
  • Poster Delivery Confirmation Same Day.
  • Hundreds of Local Pet Businesses Will See your Poster and will be on the Look Out!

No Charge

2 Very Successful

Let us quickly telephone an Amber Alert lost pet message to your neighbor’s home.

Notify 1000’s Of Neighbors

Local Neighbors in the area receive a personalized recorded message about your pet immediately. When someone finds a lost pet, they will take it home while they decided what to do. However when they get home they will receive a lost pet message with your contact information.

Hear Sample Phone Alert


  • Phone your Lost Pet Voice Recording Right to Local Neighbors/Residents.
  • Alert the Neighborhood Before your Pet Roams Farther Away from Home.
  • Most Accurate/Largest Database of Residential Phone Numbers in the USA/Canada.
  • Pet Detectives will Review your Local Area Map and Target Areas Where Pets Roam.
  • Avoid Door-Door Knocking & Phone Expenses.
  • Save Time by Calling Hundreds of Neighbors in Minutes.
  • Detailed Alert Area Map/Address Log Provided.
  • Hundreds of Local Neighbors Will Hear About your Pet and will be on the Look Out!

Starting at $49.95

1 Most Successful

Combine both packages to get the word out to both neighbors and pet businesses.

Notify Neighbors/Businesses

When you combine our phone and poster alert systems it produces the best possible results in any lost pet situation. Our system can notify the whole street or the whole town and the chances your pet will run into someone who has received a PetAmberAlert™ about your pet are over 78%.

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  • Fax and Phone Alert your Missing Pet’s Information to Businesses/Neighbors.
  • Alert Animal Shelters and Neighbors at the Same Time to Maximize your Results.
  • Our Database is Updated Daily for Accuracy and the Best Possible Amber Alert Results.
  • Pet Detectives Will Personally Review Every Lost Pet Case for the Best Possible Results.
  • Save Money vs. Other Search Methods.
  • Save Time by Alerting Thousands of People in Minutes.
  • Detailed Alert Area Map/Address Log Provided.
  • Hundreds of Pet Loving People Will be Looking Out for Your Missing Pet.

Starting at $79.95

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