Whether the neighborhood teens are throwing firecrackers on your
street… or your entire community is enjoying “the exuberant splendor” of a big fireworks display, your pet
can become frantic and run away, trying to find a safe haven.

More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year,
and noisy fireworks are to blame.

According to national statistics, animal control officials across the
country see a 30-60% increase in lost pets each year between July 4th and 6th.
In fact, July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters.

Mark Jakubczak, Certified Pet Detective and Founder, PetAmberAlert™, is
committed to increasing the chance of beloved lost pets returning home.
He said, “Sadly, only 14% of lost pets are returned to their owners,
according to nationwide statistics. And worse, 30-60% of lost pets are
euthanized because they cannot be properly identified and returned to
their owners. That’s why we’re hoping to reach more pet owners and
reduce these trends with our infographic.”

PetAmberAlert’s July 4th Lost Pets Infographic called “Afraid on the 4th – Keeps Pets Safe”
puts a spotlight on the alarming statistics and provides tips on how pet
owners can protect their pets.

Here are 4 simple tips on how to keep pets safe… plus a bonus tip on how
pet owners can have a better chance of finding a lost pet.

1) Stay inside: Try to keep your pet indoors at all times during holiday
celebrations. Ideally, someone stays home with your pet. Also keep
your dog leashed when going out for walks.

2) Make them feel safe: Comfort your pets with petting, hugging, talking
to them in a soothing voice, providing a treat and staying nearby if
possible. Make sure they can access their crate or “safe place.” Also
ask your veterinarian or local pet retailer about natural calming
products, anxiety wraps and other products that can help.

3) Avoid the noise. Try to drown out the fireworks sounds as much as
possible by closing windows, playing music or turning on the TV.

4) Act normal! Your pet takes cues from your and your family’s actions. It
will help if you go about your normal routine as much as possible, talking and playing with your pet
as usual.

5) Protect your pet before the fireworks begin. There are a number of lost-pet devices and services
available today, and it’s wise to be proactive in case your pet gets lost. Among the various pet-finder
services available, the Pet Amber Alert ID Tag/Pet GPS combines Amber Alert technology with a QR
Code and pet GPS to help MORE lost dogs, cats and even birds return home safely.

By following these tips, hopefully fewer families will face the heartbreak of losing a pet during the July 4th


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Keeping your pets save on the 4th of July with fireworks.

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PetAmberAlert vs. Copycats: What is the best way to find a lost pet?

Over the last few days, We have received an unusually high number of phone calls from customers saying they recently used another service with no success.

This chart lists all we do and how it helps you more than any other service.

Other Alert Services
CERTIFIED Pet Detectives handling your case.
Posters automatically dispatched at once to hundreds of veterinary hospitals, shelters, police stations, pet stores, other organizations “Print ready” – you have to print and post them yourself`
Posters feature a Smartphone QR Code for instant access to your online contact info.
Phone Alerts
Phone calls accepted/approved as a National Do Not Call (DNC) Exemption
Descriptive and precise Phone Alerts up to 60 seconds for better recall
Phone Alerts using LOCAL numbers (people tend to ignore 800-number callers)
Alerts posted in social media, the largest followings in the industry:
Your Facebook reach
Your Twitter reach
50,705+ followers
10,454+ followers
Email blast capability: Just hit SEND to notify your contacts at once
Pet ID Tag/GPS for ongoing protection
Number of lost pets found to date 100,000+ Under 4,000
Maintained in national Lost Pet Database Kept in listings 2+ years Deleted after 90 days
The true Pet Amber Alert service, est. 2005 Others may call themselves the original. But with us, you’re getting the first and most recognized true Pet Amber Alert service. It’s our name and nationally recognized brand, which means more people will see and remember your lost-pet alert.

When you compare services, nothing works better than PetAmberAlert for locating your lost pet.
Comments? Questions? Please share your comments here or visit our FAQ page.

Starting at $79.95

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Pet owners now have another scam to be aware of.  A company using the name “The Pet Rescue” cold calls pet owners and claims to have found their pet or offers to help them search for a small fee. As you can guess, the company is not real and is just a pure scam run from South America.

The following are some of the numbers they use. Do not trust anyone who contacts you about your pet and is asking for money. Most of these numbers have been associated with other scams as well:










See some of the news coverge on this scam:



NEW*  http://www.nbcchicago.com/investigations/Predators-Preying-on-Panicked-Owners-of-Lost-Pets-292319941.html


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Recently a study called Pew Research’s Internet & American Life Project* provided some insights into the power of
using email. In fact, email is still tops when it comes to communicating online. (Source: PewInternet.org)

The study report stated, “92% of online adults use email.” Plus… “Today, roughly six in ten online adults
engage in (email) on a typical day.”

Think about your own use of email. 

Whether you read email on a computer, a tablet device or your smartphone, it’s very likely that you check email at least once a day, right?

And if you received an email from a friend, neighbor or community pet organization (your vet or the local pet shelter), you’d be more than likely to open it, yes? Especially if it was an email about a missing pet.

That’s why we want to help you use email as your powerful lost-pet finder

When our Certified Pet Detectives create your pet’s PetAmberAlert.com lost-pet
poster, we email it to 100+ pet professionals and others in your community who
may come across your pet, including animal hospitals, police stations, animal
shelters, pet stores, groomers, and others.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can email the same professional Pet Amber
Alert poster to all your email contacts, including family, friends, neighbors,
professional colleagues, school staff, community organizations you belong to, and

It’s very simple and quick.

Use our “email blast tool” to send your lost-pet alert in seconds.

All you do is login to your PetAmberAlert.com profile and look for our EMAIL
BLAST tool. This tool is designed to help you send your pet’s poster to everyone in
your email address book at once. Just hit SEND and our tool does the rest. You’ll find details and instructions in your password-protected PetAmberAlert.com account.

This makes it easy to combine our pet-alert poster with your own email list to spread the word to everyone you
know, super fast — on top of everything else we’re doing to help you find your pet (phone, fax, email, social media, etc.). Just think of how many people you’ll reach.

If you’re trying to find a lost pet, give Pet Amber Alert a try online or call our 24/7 Hotline: 1-877-875-7387


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We often hear from pet parents that they struggled with a do-it-yourself (DIY) lost pet search before signing up for Pet Amber Alert. They spent hours making their own posters, driving around neighborhoods, and frantically calling pet-rescue shelters — all without finding their pet.

If you’re just beginning to search for a missing dog or cat, we want to help you skip the painful process these other pet owners went through… and get reunited with your beloved pet as quickly as possible.

Today’s technology will make all the difference, as you’ll see below.


5 ways technology gives you much better odds at finding a lost pet


1) Technology helps us create a professional, eye-catching lost-pet poster within minutes.

When you submit an alert to us, our Certified Pet Detectives immediately go to work creating a bold, recognizable poster that features a large photo of your pet, your pet’s profile and your contact info. The familiar Pet Amber Alert poster format is easy to spot and is taken very seriously by veterinarians, shelters, police stations, pet-store owners and other groups and individuals.

In contrast, hand-made posters are much harder to create in a bold way that grabs attention. Plus you’d need to create it and print it yourself, which can take precious time away from your search.


2) Technology allows us to instantly dispatch your lost-pet alert to hundreds of people in your community.

When our Certified Pet Detectives dispatch your PetAmberAlert.com lost-pet poster, we fax and email it to 100+ pet professionals and others in your community all at once… getting the word out as fast as possible to animal hospitals, police stations, animal shelters, pet stores, groomers, and others.

This is quite different from a pet owner taking hours to drive around the neighborhood, hanging hand-made posters on telephone poles and trying to hit all possible locations where the pet might be seen. Not only that, but also what happens if the rains and your poster gets destroyed… or if the details on your poster are hard to read at a distance? Or if it’s simply not in a location where your pet was last seen? You’ll avoid these concerns with the fax + email blast technology of Pet Amber Alert.


3) With smart technology, we deliver phone alerts that get through the caller ID “automatic delete” trigger.

Other phone alerts use an 800 number, which is dreaded by most people. Just think of your own initial response to an 800 number message on your answering machine. In most cases, we know an 800 number may prompt you to think, “Ugh. It’s an annoying sales call,” and you quickly hit delete before even listening to it.

Pet Amber Alert technology uses a LOCAL phone ID stamped with Pet Amber Alert, so it’s much more likely that your neighbors will stop and listen to the message. Plus, our phone alerts are dispatched in batches, so they instantly reach hundreds of neighbors at once. This sure beats trying to make hundreds of phone calls yourself.


4) Our alerts reach thousands of people in Facebook and Twitter in just seconds.

If your pet is missing, we encourage you to alert your friends in Facebook, Twitter, etc. But – how big is your network? Most people have about 200 or so personal contacts in these networks.

As we write this blog post, Pet Amber Alert has more than 30,000 Facebook Likes and 10,000 Twitter followers. A number of these folks could be in your area. So while you get the word out to your personal contacts, we reach many others in your community — instantly.


5) We use advanced technology to include your pet’s profile in our global database of lost pets.

When you submit an alert, we create a complete online profile of your pet and your contact information so anyone can locate your information in our database. This means if a shelter staff member, veterinarian or other person finds your pet and saw your Pet Amber Alert poster, they can use their smart phone to scan a “QR code” on the poster and bring  up your pet’s information on their phone. Or they can visit PetAmberAlert.com to find your pet’s info online.

With our advanced pet database, you get the best possible chance of someone finding your pet and contacting you.


Now you can see the many powerful ways technology is far better than the do-it-yourself approach to finding a lost dog or cat. 

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The quick answer is — as long as it takes to find your lost dog or cat.

Here at Pet Amber Alert, we’ve heard many stories of pet owners reuniting with their missing pets after several weeks or even months of searching.

Sometimes a missing pet wanders into a new community, far away from home, and is taken in by a well-meaning person who doesn’t know how to reach you.

For example, an Arizona ABC TV report tells the story of a cat found three months after being lost. Since the cat’s Pet Amber Alert listing was still active and seen by someone at a community church, it was a good-news story for the missing “Mr. Puss” and his owner. The church was three miles away from the last known location.

This means if you don’t find your lost dog or cat in a couple weeks, don’t give up!

Pet Amber Alert’s state-of-the-art Online Pets-Lost-and-Found Database is here for you now and for months to come.

When you call us to report a missing pet or you complete our online Pet Amber Alert form, our Certified Pet Detectives spring into action and enter your pet’s vital information into our advanced online pet profile system.

Then, we dispatch that information in the form of phone calls and poster alerts to hundreds of neighbors and pet organizations in the area. When someone finds your dog or cat, they can use our easy online search functionality to locate your pet’s profile and contact information.

Even if your pet has been missing for a while… our database can be super-helpful.

We keep all pets in our Lost and Found Pets Database for at least 2 years or until they are found.

Lost Dog
Other services delete pet information after only 90 days! So in the Mr. Puss case mentioned above, it would have been a sad story if they’d used one of those lost-pet services.

Pet Amber Alert gives you your greatest hope of reuniting with your pet, no matter how long he or she has been missing.

“Quest was lost in a remote mountain area for seven days. He was eventually found by a lady who received a PetAmberAlert.”
Fletcher Christiansen | Phone:
Dog Named Quest Found via Phone Alert in Suches, GA

Has your lost pet been missing for a while now? Give our Pet Amber Alert a try online or call our 24/7 Hotline: 1-877-875-7387.

– Mark
Certified Pet Detective and Founder, PetAmberAlert™

Starting at $99.95

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Do phone call length and repetition really matter when it comes to finding a lost dog or cat? The answer is yes, and I’d like to explain why.

When your dog or cat is lost and you select Pet Amber Alert’s phone service as part of your alert package, our dispatchers spring into action to call every house in the neighborhood your pet was last seen.

But here’s what you may not know about these phone alerts.

We use up to 60 seconds to provide detailed information about your lost pet. 

This means we have plenty of time to provide specific details about your pet’s name, descriptions and last-known whereabouts… plus your contact information along with our web address.

Our lost-pet phone alerts include something no other lost-pet finder does. We repeat your critical information.

You see, other lost-pet services offer just the “30 seconds or less” phone alerts. This only gives them time to provide your pet’s info once.

Studies have proven that repeating the info twice is much more memorable and helpful.

Neighbors and pet-care locations tend to remember the following critical facts after hearing our phone alerts:

  • This is a Pet Amber Alert (recognized as a trusted, national program)
  • Your first name, noting that you’re a neighbor
  • Your pet’s name (mentioned 2 times)
  • Your pet’s physical description
  • Your phone number (mentioned 2 times)
  • The PetAmberAlert.com website

Usually this level of detailed, repeated information takes close to 50 seconds… and it really does help your neighbors recall the information when they find your pet.

“A neighbor heard the phone Amber Alert and called me. He had Arti taken by Animal Control. We were able to get him immediately. I cannot thank your organization enough. I can now sleep at night knowing my pet is safe and secure. Thank you so much.” Helen Sutton Cat Named Artichoke Found with Phone Alert in Denver, CO 80206

When your beloved pet is missing, make sure you take advantage of the full 60-second phone message for your best chance at a reunion. PetAmberAlert.com is the only service offering 60-second phone alerts to help you find a lost dog or cat..

Questions about our phone alerts? Leave a comment here, or contact a Certified Pet Detective.

– Mark

Certified Pet Detective and Founder, PetAmberAlert™

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