We often hear from pet parents that they struggled with a do-it-yourself (DIY) lost pet search before signing up for Pet Amber Alert. They spent hours making their own posters, driving around neighborhoods, and frantically calling pet-rescue shelters — all without finding their pet.

If you’re just beginning to search for a missing dog or cat, we want to help you skip the painful process these other pet owners went through… and get reunited with your beloved pet as quickly as possible.

Today’s technology will make all the difference, as you’ll see below.


5 ways technology gives you much better odds at finding a lost pet


1) Technology helps us create a professional, eye-catching lost-pet poster within minutes.

When you submit an alert to us, our Certified Pet Detectives immediately go to work creating a bold, recognizable poster that features a large photo of your pet, your pet’s profile and your contact info. The familiar Pet Amber Alert poster format is easy to spot and is taken very seriously by veterinarians, shelters, police stations, pet-store owners and other groups and individuals.

In contrast, hand-made posters are much harder to create in a bold way that grabs attention. Plus you’d need to create it and print it yourself, which can take precious time away from your search.


2) Technology allows us to instantly dispatch your lost-pet alert to hundreds of people in your community.

When our Certified Pet Detectives dispatch your PetAmberAlert.com lost-pet poster, we fax and email it to 100+ pet professionals and others in your community all at once… getting the word out as fast as possible to animal hospitals, police stations, animal shelters, pet stores, groomers, and others.

This is quite different from a pet owner taking hours to drive around the neighborhood, hanging hand-made posters on telephone poles and trying to hit all possible locations where the pet might be seen. Not only that, but also what happens if the rains and your poster gets destroyed… or if the details on your poster are hard to read at a distance? Or if it’s simply not in a location where your pet was last seen? You’ll avoid these concerns with the fax + email blast technology of Pet Amber Alert.


3) With smart technology, we deliver phone alerts that get through the caller ID “automatic delete” trigger.

Other phone alerts use an 800 number, which is dreaded by most people. Just think of your own initial response to an 800 number message on your answering machine. In most cases, we know an 800 number may prompt you to think, “Ugh. It’s an annoying sales call,” and you quickly hit delete before even listening to it.

Pet Amber Alert technology uses a LOCAL phone ID stamped with Pet Amber Alert, so it’s much more likely that your neighbors will stop and listen to the message. Plus, our phone alerts are dispatched in batches, so they instantly reach hundreds of neighbors at once. This sure beats trying to make hundreds of phone calls yourself.


4) Our alerts reach thousands of people in Facebook and Twitter in just seconds.

If your pet is missing, we encourage you to alert your friends in Facebook, Twitter, etc. But – how big is your network? Most people have about 200 or so personal contacts in these networks.

As we write this blog post, Pet Amber Alert has more than 30,000 Facebook Likes and 10,000 Twitter followers. A number of these folks could be in your area. So while you get the word out to your personal contacts, we reach many others in your community — instantly.


5) We use advanced technology to include your pet’s profile in our global database of lost pets.

When you submit an alert, we create a complete online profile of your pet and your contact information so anyone can locate your information in our database. This means if a shelter staff member, veterinarian or other person finds your pet and saw your Pet Amber Alert poster, they can use their smart phone to scan a “QR code” on the poster and bring  up your pet’s information on their phone. Or they can visit PetAmberAlert.com to find your pet’s info online.

With our advanced pet database, you get the best possible chance of someone finding your pet and contacting you.


Now you can see the many powerful ways technology is far better than the do-it-yourself approach to finding a lost dog or cat. 

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