Recently a study called Pew Research’s Internet & American Life Project* provided some insights into the power of
using email. In fact, email is still tops when it comes to communicating online. (Source:

The study report stated, “92% of online adults use email.” Plus… “Today, roughly six in ten online adults
engage in (email) on a typical day.”

Think about your own use of email. 

Whether you read email on a computer, a tablet device or your smartphone, it’s very likely that you check email at least once a day, right?

And if you received an email from a friend, neighbor or community pet organization (your vet or the local pet shelter), you’d be more than likely to open it, yes? Especially if it was an email about a missing pet.

That’s why we want to help you use email as your powerful lost-pet finder

When our Certified Pet Detectives create your pet’s lost-pet
poster, we email it to 100+ pet professionals and others in your community who
may come across your pet, including animal hospitals, police stations, animal
shelters, pet stores, groomers, and others.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can email the same professional Pet Amber
Alert poster to all your email contacts, including family, friends, neighbors,
professional colleagues, school staff, community organizations you belong to, and

It’s very simple and quick.

Use our “email blast tool” to send your lost-pet alert in seconds.

All you do is login to your profile and look for our EMAIL
BLAST tool. This tool is designed to help you send your pet’s poster to everyone in
your email address book at once. Just hit SEND and our tool does the rest. You’ll find details and instructions in your password-protected account.

This makes it easy to combine our pet-alert poster with your own email list to spread the word to everyone you
know, super fast — on top of everything else we’re doing to help you find your pet (phone, fax, email, social media, etc.). Just think of how many people you’ll reach.

If you’re trying to find a lost pet, give Pet Amber Alert a try online or call our 24/7 Hotline: 1-877-875-7387


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