Do phone call length and repetition really matter when it comes to finding a lost dog or cat? The answer is yes, and I’d like to explain why.

When your dog or cat is lost and you select Pet Amber Alert’s phone service as part of your alert package, our dispatchers spring into action to call every house in the neighborhood your pet was last seen.

But here’s what you may not know about these phone alerts.

We use up to 60 seconds to provide detailed information about your lost pet. 

This means we have plenty of time to provide specific details about your pet’s name, descriptions and last-known whereabouts… plus your contact information along with our web address.

Our lost-pet phone alerts include something no other lost-pet finder does. We repeat your critical information.

You see, other lost-pet services offer just the “30 seconds or less” phone alerts. This only gives them time to provide your pet’s info once.

Studies have proven that repeating the info twice is much more memorable and helpful.

Neighbors and pet-care locations tend to remember the following critical facts after hearing our phone alerts:

  • This is a Pet Amber Alert (recognized as a trusted, national program)
  • Your first name, noting that you’re a neighbor
  • Your pet’s name (mentioned 2 times)
  • Your pet’s physical description
  • Your phone number (mentioned 2 times)
  • The website

Usually this level of detailed, repeated information takes close to 50 seconds… and it really does help your neighbors recall the information when they find your pet.

“A neighbor heard the phone Amber Alert and called me. He had Arti taken by Animal Control. We were able to get him immediately. I cannot thank your organization enough. I can now sleep at night knowing my pet is safe and secure. Thank you so much.” Helen Sutton Cat Named Artichoke Found with Phone Alert in Denver, CO 80206

When your beloved pet is missing, make sure you take advantage of the full 60-second phone message for your best chance at a reunion. is the only service offering 60-second phone alerts to help you find a lost dog or cat..

Questions about our phone alerts? Leave a comment here, or contact a Certified Pet Detective.

– Mark

Certified Pet Detective and Founder, PetAmberAlert™

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