PetAmberAlert vs. Copycats: What is the best way to find a lost pet?

Over the last few days, We have received an unusually high number of phone calls from customers saying they recently used another service with no success.

This chart lists all we do and how it helps you more than any other service.
Other Alert Services
CERTIFIED Pet Detectives handling your case.
Posters automatically dispatched at once to hundreds of veterinary hospitals, shelters, police stations, pet stores, other organizations “Print ready” – you have to print and post them yourself`
Posters feature a Smartphone QR Code for instant access to your online contact info.
Phone Alerts
Phone calls accepted/approved as a National Do Not Call (DNC) Exemption
Descriptive and precise Phone Alerts up to 60 seconds for better recall
Phone Alerts using LOCAL numbers (people tend to ignore 800-number callers)
Alerts posted in social media, the largest followings in the industry:
Your Facebook reach
Your Twitter reach
50,705+ followers
10,454+ followers
Email blast capability: Just hit SEND to notify your contacts at once
Pet ID Tag/GPS for ongoing protection
Number of lost pets found to date 100,000+ Under 4,000
Maintained in national Lost Pet Database Kept in listings 2+ years Deleted after 90 days
The true Pet Amber Alert service, est. 2005 Others may call themselves the original. But with us, you’re getting the first and most recognized true Pet Amber Alert service. It’s our name and nationally recognized brand, which means more people will see and remember your lost-pet alert.

When you compare services, nothing works better than PetAmberAlert for locating your lost pet.
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