About the Pet Amber Alert lost-pet finder system: working 24/7 to reunite you with your beloved pet.

“We found Charlie thanks to your service! Someone heard the alert and then a day later saw him in his backyard, cornered him, and then called us. We are forever grateful to your service. 🙂

– Katie McDonough
Dog Named Charlie Found with Phone Alert in Audubon, PA 19407

A message of hope from Pet Amber Alert Founder Mark Jakubczak: 

“If you’ve lost a pet and you’re not sure where to turn for help, I’d like to tell you about PetAmberAlert.com — what we offer for your greatest hope of a reunion.

  • Your “Pets Lost and Found” alert will be immediately recognized:
    In 2005, I took over the original Pet Amber Alert online notice system and expanded it to send alerts via phone, poster     faxes and emails, and more recently, social media. To date, we’ve dispatched over 100,000 alerts for missing pets across the country.

Today, Pet Amber Alert’s lost dog and cat posters, emails, phone calls and 24/7 Lost Pet Hotline are instantly recognized by veterinary hospitals, police stations, shelters, pet stores and other locals for quick response.

  • Your “lost pet” alert will reach the broadest number of people in your community.
    Our system combines immediate Poster, Phone, Email and Social Media alerts with an online database where people can search lost dogs and cats, and locate your contact information. Plus you can share our alert with your own contacts via email and social media. Between our connections and yours, no other pet-finder service comes close to reaching thousands of people within a few hours.

With 50,159 Facebook and Twitter followers and growing, your alert will get incredible exposure.

  • You’re never alone in your search for your missing pet.
    When you first visited our site, you may have noticed a Chat invitation that popped up, ready to assist you. We’re always here to help via chat or through our hotline. Both are managed by real people, not a recording. You’ll find that many of your questions are answered on our Pet Amber Alert FAQ page.

As a fellow pet parent, I understand that gut-wrenching feeling when a pet goes missing. Please know we’ll do everything we can to help reunite you with your pet as quickly as possible.

Our recognized Pet Amber Alerts give you the greatest chance of success in finding your pet.

See our success stories.

Thank you for considering our services.