uses sophisticated methods to help you find your lost pets in Indianapolis and make sure they get home safe and sound. In such a large city, the most effective way to search for your wayward animal is to get as many eyes as possible watching out for it. When you submit your information to us, we will issue the alert the same day so you won’t have to waste time going door to door, visiting the local animal shelters, or creating your own lost dog poster.

Our process is simple but effective. We will gather the necessary information about your lost pet, which can include everything from a description of your dog to the location where it was last seen, and then use that information to generate effective posters that are sent to the local shelters, hospitals, pet stores, and any other related business or organization. At the same time, we will send out the phone alert – a personalized, recorded message that will inform your neighbors of your loss and ask them to keep an eye out.

At we are always working to improve our system so our email, fax, and phone alerts can reach even more people. Our lost pet finder database is continually updated with the most current contact information, and we will send the alert to all these people the same day it is received. Don’t let your pets get too far away – submit your information and take advantage of our system.

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