Houston is a large city, and when your pet becomes lost in it, you need to act fast in order to have the best chances of being reunited with your lost dog or cat. With Pet Amber Alert, you can get the word out to neighbors, vets, animal shelters and more in record time—increasing the range and number of people who are willing and wanting to help you.

Unfortunately in some cases, a lost dog in Houston is unclaimed at the local pound or animal shelter, which can lead to lethal injection if the shelter has no way of knowing how to locate its owner. Acting as your lost dog finder, Pet Amber Alert notifies these agencies that are within a 100 mile radius of your missing pet—because lost dogs in Houston can travel very far in a short period of time.

Pet Amber Alert does more than just create a lost cat poster that is put on the telephone pole of your neighborhood street corner. We fax and email your poster to animal control, media outlets, the police, pet stores and more—anyone who might be interested in learning there is a lost dog in Texas. These agencies help in spreading the word. Because Pet Amber Alert is so memorable, anyone who finds your pet can easily remember how to find your contact information, and with our help, you can increase your chances at success in finding your lost pet.

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