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1. PetAmberAlert is purely a notification service notifying your neighbors by phone and businesses by fax of your missing pet.

◦ PetAmberAlert is strictly a notification service and does not solicit for business.

2. While the goal of PetAmberAlert is to safely locate your pet, PetAmberAlert does not guarantee the return of your pet.

3. I understand that PetAmberAlert automatically processes orders all hours of the day an Night I.E. ( Even at 3 A.M. ) and in the event my pet is found before the PetAmberAlert alert goes out I will not receive a refund due to the fact that PetAmberAlert has already incurred the cost during their automated processing.
In addition with regards to refunds, I understand that:

◦ There are no refunds once I have purchased a package. No exceptions.

◦ By purchasing one of our packages, I am in agreement with each item listed in this disclaimer.

◦ I agree not to ask PetAmberAlert to give a partial or full refund just because my neighbors or businesses did not know anything or decided not to call me back after my alert has gone out. PetAmberAlert will give no refunds due to lack of involvement of your community.

4. By using the services of PetAmberAlert, you are providing your personal information to the public at your own risk, and are agreeing to release PetAmberAlert from any and all liabilities thereof.

5. Not every home has a phone or a “listed” phone number. Neighbors having a listed phone number for one month or longer ( not, on the DMA list and not to be confused with the DNC list) will be contacted as long as the correct package has been selected.

The terms “neighbor” or “neighbors” and “business” or “businesses” refers to the phone/fax numbers within the alert package selected, and will attempt to be contacted a maximum of four times (in usually less than a one hour time frame). You are purchasing the services of PetAmberAlert and not the phone/fax numbers. Numbers that are invalid (below the 15% or less error guarantee) or end up as a busy/no answer are not pro-rated and are not credited to the customer.

▪ PetAmberAlert guarantees that at least 85% of the phone calls and faxes will go through successfully. If the ratio of successful to unsuccessful call/faxes is below 85% then we will compensate you with additional fax/phone calls until PetAmberAlert’s 85% success guarantee is reached.

▪ In addition, numbers that are invalid (below the 15% error guarantee) or end up as a busy/no answer are within our disclaimer guidlines and will not be pro-rated and are not credited to the customer.

◦ Alerts may take up to 24 hours to fully process. Calls are only made after 10 am Monday through Friday and after 1 pm on weekends. No orders are started after 8 pm weekdays and 6pm weekend.

◦ In the event that you select a package that is not large enough to contact all of the homes in your neighborhood, our system randomly selects an optimal sample of homes that will be contacted within the inputted missing pet area. In this case not all of the homes in your neighborhood will be notified.

◦ In some cases, your alert message could be repeated to one or more of your neighbors resulting from scenarios outside the control of PetAmberAlert. A few examples, but not limited to, that could cause your neighbor to get a scrambled or repeat call will include: (i) the neighbor answering the phone and not saying anything; (ii) the neighbor answering the phone and talking while the alert message is being played; (iii) If there is excessively loud background noise once the phone has been answered; and (iv) listening to the alert message on a speakerphone. We use a highly advanced computerized calling system. These four examples demonstrate reasons for which repeat calls are warranted and demeed necessary. It does not mean that if one of your neighbors gets a repeat call that all of your neighbors will receive one. Note: If the alert message is “skipping”, the neighbor can stop the message by pressing any number on the phone. Once the number is pressed, the alert will go to the beginning and completely replay the message.

◦ We cannot and do not guarantee 100% accuracy when delivering fax/phone messages due to uncommon technical error.

6. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to enter correct and accurate information when purchasing my package. Further, I understand that if I enter incorrect information, it is not the fault of PetAmberAlert. PetAmberAlert will not re-run the alert message from the original purchased package.

◦ NOTE: Please make sure you have verified the accuracy of the information you enter. This service operates on a mapping system that centers the search area based on what you have entered as the closest address of where your pet went missing.

◦ In the rare event PetAmberAlert mispronounces your name or your pet’s name you are agreeing to the fact that we will not re-run the alert with the name correction and there will be no refund or discount. Both parties agree that your name and your pet’s name is not the crucial part of the alert broadcast.

◦ Understand that it would be impossible for PetAmberAlert to correctly pronounce 100% of our customers and pets names, as it will be taken from your form and in some cases the name could be pronounced in more than one way. As PetAmberAlert will get the correct pronunciation in most cases, it should be understood that the pet’s name is the least important of the criteria on the alert message. The critical information includes the type of pet, description I.E. (color), the uploaded picture (if customer uploaded at time of order) and the “customer” provided contact phone number.

◦ I understand there may be times when PetAmberAlert will not be able to include all of the information / description requested within a 30 second voice message. In such cases, the critical information including the type of pet, color, date missing and the contact phone number will always be used. PetAmberAlert messages can not be modified due to legal guidelines.

7. All statements made on PetAmberAlert are based on our experience and research performed on our behalf. Statements made on PetAmberAlert could be perceived as our personal opinion.

◦ PetAmberAlert reserves the right to use any and all success stories as testimonials on our website. Due to our popularity, some news companies may want to do a story on our past customers, they will only have access to whatever info. you (customer) have posted on our public missing pet database. These will be listed according to your state and zipcode.

8. I have reviewed the FAQ section of the PetAmberAlert website and understand and agree to the contents of FAQ section. I also understand that all parts of the FAQ section are applied in whole to this disclaimer. In addition:

◦ I have reviewed the Privacy Policy of the PetAmberAlert website and understand the contents of the Privacy Policy. I also understand that all parts of the Privacy Policy are applied in whole to this disclaimer.

9. I certify that I am OR have been authorized by the lost pet owner to sign up for this service and if using someone else’s credit card I have been given permission to do so. The card holder, signee or lost pet owner and I agree that no refunds are given under any circumstances.

  1. Our service is classified and registered as an exempt organization by The National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.
  2. We purge listings after 640 days but keep our found testimonials for news and media reference purposes.
  3. All missing pet phone alerts are initiated from the Missing pet owner or the individual whom ordered the alert through PetAmberAlert.

We do a automated pet listing status check phone survey to our customers once every month.