100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pet Amber Alert isn’t content with satisfied customers. We strive to make each and every client what we call a raving fan.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Over the few years, our valued customers have helped us build PetAmberAlert into a leader in lost pet recovery. We thank you.

We take great care to assure the highest customer service at affordable prices with fast turnaround. If you are not satisfied with your alert, please contact our Customer Support Specialists at 877-875-7387.

As you can understand, certain circumstances are beyond our control, and unfortunately cannot be covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee:

  1. Shipping delays due to terms defined by USPS, including weather, mechanical failure, etc…
  2. Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by customers when entering text or order information.
  3. Low resolution images uploaded or provided by the customer.
  4. Errors in user-selected options, such as pet details.

Thank you once again for being a part of PetAmberAlert. We also invite you to personally contact the CEO directly, if at any time you are not completely satisfied with our services: Mark [at] PetAmberAlert.com