Finding Chicago’s Lost Pets

At we can help you quickly put the word out about your lost pet and increase your chances to bring them home safe and sound. We have successfully reunited hundreds of owners and pets over the years, and we continue to develop our process to make sure that the alert immediately goes out and informs your neighbors and the animal-related businesses about your missing dog or cat.

Chicago is a big city, and it is really easy for your pets to wander off and get lost. If you react quickly, though, we can make sure the alert goes out before they get too far away. We implement state-of-the-art technology to send phone alerts to your neighbors and poster alerts (with photos, descriptions, and contact details) to places like animal shelters, animal control, pet stores, and veterinarians. Many pets have been reunited with their owners because of a simple lost dog poster – and at we will do so much more to find lost dogs and cats in Chicago.

First we will gather your contact information and the details about your pet (which will remain in our lost pet finder database), and then issues the phone alert to your neighbors within minutes. We will also use the information you provided to create and fax or email your poster to all the relevant places and follow it up with a Facebook/Twitter blast to ensure that we get as many people as possible watching out for your beloved pets.