Finding Lost Animals in San Francisco

At we are dedicated to helping pet owners find their lost pets and make sure they get home safe and sound. We have successfully reunited hundreds of pets and owners over the years, and our system is only getting more effective. A lost pet may only be a few blocks away, but if no one know who it belongs to, they will simply assume it is another stray. Our alert system puts the word out to the neighborhood and the San Francisco Animal Control and other pet-related organizations so they will all know who to contact to help those animals get back home.

San Francisco is a huge city with countless places for pets to wander, but our alert system is designed to inform as many people as possible about your lost cat or dog. There are many organizations in the city that will shelter these animals for a while, but if they go unclaimed for too long, they may have to administer a lethal injection. Our process will make sure this doesn’t happen because they will already have a picture and description of your pet, and they can make sure you will get to see it again.

Once you submit your contact information and details about your pet, we can immediately send phone and poster alerts to all the right people. Your neighbors will receive a personalized recorded phone message, and the shelters, hospitals, and other organizations will receive fax or email alerts so they will all know to be on the lookout for your beloved pets.