Finding Lost Dogs and Cats in Philadelphia

If your pets get lost, you need to act quickly to find them. Pets can easily wander for miles in just a couple days, but at we can help you get the word out and improve your chances to get them back. We have successfully reunited hundreds of pets with their owners, and we continue to improve our system of alerts to help you find a lost dog or cat, even in a city as big as Philadelphia.

Our system involves sending out phone and poster alerts (with the appropriate details, descriptions, and photos) to the most relevant places. Soon all the neighbors and pet-related businesses in the area will know to be on the lookout for your animals. This alert will be sent out to a radius of 10 to 100 miles, because it won’t take long for your pets to cover a lot of distance. Your job as a lost dog finder will be much easier when the entire community knows who to call when they spot your pet.

Finding a lost pet in a big city can seem overwhelming, but you shouldn’t give up. Dogs and cats have a great survival instinct, and they often turn up after months of separation. At we will keep your information stored in our database so that if your pet ends up at Animal Control or any of the local shelters, they will know exactly who to contact. A lost pet in Philadelphia may need a lot of help, and we will help you involve as many people as possible.