Helping to Locate Lost Pets in Dallas has a long history of successfully reuniting hundreds of owners with their beloved pets, and we are continually improving our processes to increase your chances of finding a lost cat or dog in Dallas. In a city as large as this, many pet owners quickly give up hope of ever finding their pets again, but dogs and cats have a strong survival instinct and with the right resources, you will have a much better chance of seeing them again.

Our process involves gathering information from you about your lost pet and then sending out phone and poster alerts (along with photos, descriptions and details) to all the most relevant places. Soon your neighbors will receive a personalized recorded message and Animal Control, pet stores, and the Dallas animal shelters will have images and descriptions of your pet.

Animals can travel a long way in a relatively short time, but our system immediately sends out the alert to a radius of 10 to 100 miles from the last known location of your dog or cat. Whether we are sending a lost dog poster to the local pet hospital or a Facebook/Twitter blast, we work hard to make sure the right people learn about your wayward animal and will know who to contact when they find it. The faster you get this information out, the more likely you will be to see your pet come home safe and sound.