Locating Lost Pets in San Antonio

PetAmberAlert.com increases your chances of finding lost pets in San Antonio by using our cutting edge technology to inform neighbors and organizations about your wayward animals and letting them know how they can help. We can help you save time by immediately alerting as many people as possible through professional lost dog posters, calls to the local shelters, animal hospitals, and pet stores, and then putting out a Facebook/Twitter blast to involve as many people as possible.

We make it easy to start the process. We simply gather your contact information and get the details and description of your pet, and from this we can create an effective poster that will be sent to Animal Control and other pet-related organizations. Countless animals every year go unclaimed, and the shelters are forced to use lethal injections to control the numbers. When these organizations have the information on your lost and found dogs and cats, they will know exactly who to call and you can be reunited with your pets before the unthinkable happens.

We are always working to improve our system to ensure that our emails, faxes, and phone alerts reach as many people as possible. Our database is updated daily to ensure that we have the right contact information for your local San Antonio pet organizations, and we will make sure that the alert gets to them before your animals do.