When you’ve lost your pet, not much else seems to matter. Pet Amber Alert has the same concerns as you, and we have the experience and the resources to do something about it. Phoenix is a large city, and there are many different pet stores, veterinarians, animal shelters, pounds and media outlets who can work together to find your missing cat or dog. We contact them to make sure that no lost dogs in Arizona are forgotten before they are given a chance to be found.

Pet Amber Alert acts as your lost pet finder in Arizona. Lost dogs in Phoenix could face lethal injection if they are brought to a shelter and no owner is located, but because your contact information is on our database with the identifying characteristics of your pet, you can be reunited if your pet is brought in by animal control.

When you have a lost dog in Arizona, and you are scouring Google for someone to help you “find my dog,” you can rest easy knowing you have done all that you could when you have contacted Pet Amber Alert. We issue alerts the same day we hear from you, and because our name is so recognizable, we get a much larger response than many people can get on their own. Pets move fast—but with our social media following and professional posters, we can get the word out so that your pet makes it safely home.

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