When you pet becomes lost in the city, it is important that you act quickly. Pet Amber Alert is your one-stop resource in helping with lost and found dogs and cats. After we have put together a comprehensive list of contact information and other identifying characteristics of your pet, we issue an alert that very same day. With our recognizable name and large social media following, we work to ensure that no lost dog in Los Angeles stays that way for long.

Lost pets move fast—moving quickly out of your neighborhood to unknown areas that pique their curiosity. We create a professional lost dog poster that we then send via email and fax to animal shelters, pounds, vets, media outlets, animal control, pet stores and other agencies that are inside a 100 mile radius. Using the latest technology, we can contact thousands of your neighbors to alert them of your lost dog. California is full of people willing and eager to help return lost pets to their owners—we let them know of your need.

With too many lost dogs in Los Angeles, the animal shelter does lethal injection when its owner cannot be located. However, with Pet Amber Alert, your lost cat or dog is in our database, which means that you have a much better chance of someone recognizing your pet so that it can return safely to your home.

3 Responses to “Reuniting Lost Dogs in Los Angeles”

  1. Sandra says:

    German shepherd mix about 30 lbs female 3 years old very skittish in the Culver City Los Angeles area plz help

  2. Demetrius Youngblood says:

    Pit bull grey body white spot on top of her neck white paws she also has a chip

  3. Karen says:

    Lost Dog: His name is Prince, he’s white and fluffy, he’s medium sized hair, will respond to if called, will not bite unless played with hard, has a black and white skull collar, straight teeth, he is a Maltese, not been neutered, he is two years old. Please help me, if you see him please text me @ 562 331 2167.

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