Losing a pet is a devastating experience. Many reports have been received about scammers who are defrauding heartbroken pet owners in order to line their own pockets and we advise pet owners who have issued an amber alert to be wary of the following pet scams:

“Scammers play on your emotions”, said Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB. “Pet owners who have lost their animals are easy targets for those whose sole intent is to make a quick buck.”

The Pay-Me-First Scam: The lost pet owner receives a phone call from a person claiming that they have the lost pet in their possession. This person asks that the reward money be sent to them before they return the pet. If the pet owner refuses, they will often threaten to hurt the pet in order to pressure the pet owner into sending money. Once the scammer receives the money, they are never heard from again.

The Truck Driver Scam: Someone claiming to be a long-haul truck driver tells you that he came across your pet while on his route. He then asks you to send him money so that he can send your pet back to you, or he may ask you to wire him money to board your pet until he can send your pet back with another truck driver who’s heading your way.

The Tag Team Scam: You receive a call from someone who says that they think they have your pet. After talking to you for a while and getting information about your pet, they apologize and say that they’re sorry, but it turns out that it’s not your pet after all. They then give all the information about your pet to a partner. This is a set-up — in a short time, the scammer uses the information received about your pet only to have a second person call and claim to have found your pet who will try collect any reward money in advance..

The Airline Ticket Scam: Someone calls and claims that your pet somehow ended up in another state. They ask you to send money for a kennel and an airline ticket in order for them to ship your pet back to you. Once the pet owner sends the money, the scammer walks away with it, leaving the owner without their pet and with less money in their bank account.

BBB provides the following tips to keep from falling victim to a pet loss scam:

1. If you must place an ad, include only essential information. Refrain from providing information about unique markings or physical attributes.

2. If you get a call from someone who claims to be out-of-state, ask them for a phone number where you can call them back.

3. If a caller claims to have your pet in their possession, ask them to describe something about the pet that wouldn’t be visible in pictures which may have been posted.

4. Never wire money to anyone you don’t know.

Many pet owners have also had their pets microchipped, as this preventive measure has proven to be effective in bringing lost pets home.

8 Responses to “Watch out for Lost Pet Scams!”

  1. Kacie says:

    I got a call and some texts from 501-553-5513 claiming they had my cat. He said his daughter lived in my neighborhood and is scared of cats, so he took him to Arkansas. I asked for pictures or to confirm the microchip number, and he said he didn’t have a camera and avoided the other question. He then said he needed gas money and his daughter is at work and can’t get him any. When I said there is a reward upon his safe return and not before, he started to threaten me. If you search the number on Facebook, this person has done this to multiple people. When you put the number in google voice it comes up as Deketrick Mouton, but he said his name is Tracey Williams. Has also used the name Jimmy and pretended to be a truck driver.

  2. Lynn says:

    If you receive a call from 501-553-5513 saying they have your lost pet THEY DON’T. Its a guy in Arkansas trying to scam people saying his daughter lives near where the pet was lost and he doesn’t have gas money to bring it back. So if you send him money he will return your pet. He is a low life moron who probably hasn’t worked a day in his life.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I received a call from 501-553-5486 saying they have our cat. I didn’t get any story, but a few one word answers in reply to my texts. I threatened to call the police, and have not heard anything more. My guess is that it’s a burner number, and this person has the ability to change it, since it came from a number closely related to the ones above.

  4. Janel says:

    I was contacted by the same con artist “Jimmy”, from the same 501-553-5513 phone number. This occured back on March 25,2017-nearly 2 months after my cat had gone missing. Same scam. Said he had her, needed me to wire money. I wanted to have him arrested or confront him so I stalled and slow played him for 2 days. I did my research meantime.He gave me the name Delisa Craig, Little Rock, AR to wire the money to, then when he realized I had just conned the con, he said he gave me a fake name. I made fun of him for failing to get money from people and told him he was a failure at this, too and how embarrassing it would be to have to scam people out of such a small amount , and such a low life scam without any effort. I called him lazy, low IQ, deviant, a failure, and I laughed at him. It felt so good! He said he would get back at me and take it out on my cat. I never found her. My question to those who have had contact with him is: Have any of you eventually found your lost cat? or Dog? Im not letting this drop and I think there could likely be more to the story of Jimmy. Help me by filling in some blanks. Thanks for your time, and Im sorry for the loss of your pet. I understand the pain.

  5. Aren says:

    I just received texts from this man, stating he found our lost dog. I told him I could have animal control or local police arranged to pick our dog up…then he wouldn’t have to worry or be concerned about our dog anymore. He doesn’t want “strangers” coming to his house. I realize this is a scam for money. I truly don’t believe he actually has our dog because he won’t send pics or any details about her. I have called my local animal shelter to notify them.

  6. Wren says:

    I received a text message from 501-553-5513 today saying “Got your dogs”…

    My husband picked up our dogs 2 nights ago from the shelter after they were found.

    I took down all of my Facebook and Pawboost lost dog postings the day we found them, but forgot I had put out a Craigslist ad in the lost & found section. So, pretty sure Craigslist is where he is lurking to find scam situations.

  7. Jimmy says:


  8. Lora says:

    Got a message saying, I have your dog. Being my Pitbull was missing I responded & fell for it. Sent money to his niece Delisa Craig Little Rock for gas money to meet me. He was all nice & concerned til money was sent then became rude saying he couldn’t trust to let his niece meet me & I hadn’t sent enough money. I reported the money wire with WU. I message him saying I had contacted the police. I’ve not gotten any response & I have reported him. This is sorry as hell & better hope I never cross their paths. The # used to contact me was 501-553-5486, on May 22, 2017.

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