A Florida group offers a $750 reward to find animal abuser who shot cat's head with arrow.

A Florida group offers a $750 reward to find animal abuser who shot cat’s head with arrow.

Akila, a 7-year-old calico Sphynx cat, went missing from her home in Riverview, Fla. last Tuesday. She turned up as a victim in a horrible animal abuse case, WFLA Florida reports.

Owner Tyra Bullock began a search as soon as she realized her cat went missing, knocking on doors and looking everywhere for her beloved pet, with no luck. Being a Sphynx cat, Akila has very little protection against the elements. Bullock worried the cat would either be burned by the sun or frozen by the cold of night.

The cat’s fate was worse than Bullock imagined. Akila had been shot through the head with a large arrow and suffered horrendous pain. According to her veterinarian, had the arrow pierced the cat’s skull, she would have died instantly. Fortunately, the arrow missed her skull, and instead pierced only flesh.

“She’s a very, very lucky girl,” Bullock told WFLA.

Veterinarian Elaine Foley of the Animal Coalition of Tampa surgically removed the 7-inch long dart from the cat on Wednesday.

She is home recovering, however, she is still skittish from the ordeal.

“She’s been clinging to me like glue,” Bullock said.

Hillsborough County sheriff’s detectives took fingerprints and DNA samples from the arrow and are investigating.

In addition, Florida Voices for Animals is offering a reward of $750 for any information leading to the arrest of the guilty person(s). The family has set up an additional reward donation site for the cat through Go Fund Me.

Bullock will post Facebook updates as information arrives.

Source: http://www.catchannel.com/cat-news/2015/01/reward-for-cat-shot-with-arrow.aspx

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