They don’t know what she was thinking, what she was up to, or how she survived last weekend’s blizzard, but a dog who ran away from home has returned — about a week after she first went missing.

It’s all thanks to a woman who saw the little dog by the side of the road, and just couldn’t pass by without helping.

Last weekend, the Picard family’s calls searching for their dog Daisy went unanswered. But tonight, she is back home with them.

It was last weekend when, returning as the snow came down, the Picard family was unloading the car from a grocery trip. Daisy darted out.

“We were bringing things in and she just scooted out,” said Helen Picard.

The family was panicked. They live right along the Mass. Pike and they feared the worst.

They searched for Daisy for hours. They called the local police and the state police.

But no one had seen Daisy — or so they thought..

For several days, Daisy braved the cold and sidestepped the plow trucks until Mel Fretschl spotted the scrappy dog.

“It was just amazing to think that, really, somebody found her,” Helen Picard said.

Mel Fretschl said she was driving along the highway when she saw Daisy.

“Driving along the Mass. Pike, and I saw this lovely little dog standing next to the great big the snow banks,” Fretschl said.

She kept driving. But something was nagging her.

“I drove and realized I would never be able to live with myself if I didn’t go back and look for her,” she said.

She did go back, and spotted Daisy heading up over a snow bank. Mel followed.

“She was scared and I talked to her for a few minutes and she let me pick her up and carry her back and put her in the trailer,” Fretschl said.

Wanting to find her owners, Mel posted Daisy’s photo on a website for lost pets. It ended up on Facebook, and amazingly, her picture was spotted by a family member. There was no mistaking the Jack Russell/beagle mix that was purely Daisy.

“We were bawling, crying, jumping with excitement,” Helen Picard said.

Sunday night, the family was reunited with their beloved pet.

“She looks good!” Heidi Picard exclaimed. “It’s so exciting. I’m just happy to have her back.”

The Picards know this is a tale that could have ended badly.

“I don’t even know if there’s words for it, because we were really not thinking she was gonna be here,” Heidi Picard said.

The Picard family says daisy was spotted after her picture was posted on a site where dozens of dogs and cats are also pictured, waiting to be found or go home.


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