A missing dog that was last seen by its owner in the Netherlands, was discovered living in Texas. The adorable black German shepherd mix disappeared from her Holland home, leaving her original owner to wonder whether she would ever see the pup again.

It all started when a teen named Linda Pool got the puppy in 2011, according to Houston Chronicle. She named the mixed breed Amy. Although the girl loved her pet very much, she was forced to give the animal to a breeder due to circumstances beyond her control. While Pool was looking for a good permanent home for the pooch, the breeder reportedly sold it to persons unknown. The teen was devastated.

In October, 2014, a college student named Katy noticed an emaciated stray dog wandering beside a highway in Houston, Texas. Katy collected the dog from Interstate-10 and transported it to a local veterinarian’s office. Shockingly, a microchip implanted in the dog revealed that its owner lived 5,000 miles away.

A kindhearted foster mother was found for Amy. Her name is Miriam Brueggeman, and she currently lives in Waco, Texas. When a friend from Holland told her about the missing dog’s plight and asked her to help, she stepped right in.

Pool was certain that she would never see the missing dog again. Fortunately she was wrong. Amy and her owner were reunited via Skype with Brueggeman’s assistance, and they will come face to face later this month when Pool comes to the United States to fetch her long lost pet. During their Skype conversations, Amy appears to remember the sound of her owner’s native tongue, Dutch.

According to Beaumont Enterprise, Linda Pool has already raised the funds to cover her journey to Texas to retrieve her wayward canine. She plans to arrive December 17 to take two-year-old Amy back home.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a missing cat made an equally strange journey from Virginia to Hawaii when it was inadvertently packed into a moving box and shipped over land and sea to its family’s new home. Ashley Barth and her daughters were so worried about the family pet that they postponed their move for three days after it disappeared, hoping the animal would return home. It didn’t. Thirty-six days later, the Barth family’s boxes arrived from the mainland, and one of them was meowing. The kitty was so frail and emaciated that it could barely walk, but it was alive. After a brief reunion, the cat is being kept in quarantine at a Hawaiian veterinarian’s office for three months at an estimated cost of $4,000. At least they have their cat back.

Comments are welcome. How would you feel if your missing dog wound up thousands of miles from home?

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1661551/missing-dog-from-holland-found-in-texas/

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