Kuma the dog

Kuma the dog

Surfing superstar Rochelle Ballard is used to twists and turns when riding tubes, but the drama usually isn’t from her dog Kuma.

“My dog has been missing for four years. He got stolen off the beach at Sunset and after a year I gave up looking for him. I never received any information. Not a single call. Nothing, no trace of him. After four years all of the sudden I get a phone call,” said Rochelle Ballard, professional surfer and yoga instructor with Surf Into Yoga.

That call late Sunday night from a family on 16th Avenue in Kaimuki saying they found her dog. It had come right up to the screen door.

“I’m calling concerning your dog,” said the voicemail message.

They had identified Kuma, not from a microchip, but he was apparently still wearing his collar.

“The fact that he still has the same collar on with the dog tag, usually they get replaced or torn off or break or something. It’s just quite interesting yeah,” said Ballard.

We spoke with the family who says Kuma was cruising with another dog. They fed them, tied them up to a tree and called Rochelle. But the next morning they were gone again.

“It’s a strange thing to have something so close yet so far,” said Ballard.

The surfer and yoga instructor is staying centered and hoping someone finds her dog and messages her on her Facebook fan page.

“It makes me think of a Disney movie really,” said Ballard.

Hopefully one with a happy reunion for an ending.

Source: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/25921623/pro-surfers-lost-dog-found-then-lost-again

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