Yuki-204113992I had completely given up hope of ever seeing my beloved ferret again. Suddenly at 10:30 pm we got a call saying he had been spotted mere minutes ago in an area close by the first sighting. We all rushed out there and searched the area for probably two hours. It was pitch black, we had a crappy flashlight, it just seemed hopeless. We were turning back to our car and I just happened to look at the sidewalk across the street. THERE HE WAS. I dove into the grass as he ran and caught him. I still can’t believe it. He’s alive and in my hands. I’m so happy!

Your service is amazing. You are really doing amazing, amazing work. When you can even find a pet as small and difficult as a ferret, that is really saying something. I would tell everyone don’t even think about it, to use PetAmberAlert! – Emily

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