A woman lost her pet Siberian Husky only to find out the dog had already been adopted by another family.

Lisa Landes says her 3-year-old dog Koda escaped from the back yard while she was at work December 17. She posted flyers around the neighborhood and called local veterinarians.

After a few days passed, she found out one of her neighbors found the dog on the 17th and took him to the Houston SPCA shelter. However, when she contacted the shelter, she found out her dog had already been adopted by another family.

“I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,'” Landes said, “I need him back. I was just devastated.”

According to Tera Yurkshat with the HSPCA, the shelter held the dog for the required time period of three days before putting him up for adoption. After that three day period, a family adopted the dog.

Yurkshat says the new owners adopted the dog as a Christmas present for their child, and that the family has not decided yet whether or not they want to give the dog back to Landes.

Source: http://abc7chicago.com/pets/womans-lost-dog-given-to-boy-for-christmas/454534/

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