lost dog texas
We received a phone call from a vets. office very near my house. The receptionist told me that a family found Willie about 2 miles away and brought him in to see if he had a chip so he could be returned to his family. Willie does not have a chip, so the family took him home and as soon as the vets. office received the Amber alert, they contacted the family and myself and then I spoke to the lady that had Willie and I got to pick him up within 30 min, of the first phone call! Given the fact that I had my dog back within 24 hours of issuing the Amber alert, the best word I can think of is OUTSTANDING! If I had not found your website and issued the alert and your site had not sent it out to the businesses as fast as you did, I would not have my Willie back! I would recommend this site to anyone that has had the misfortune of losing a pet. This WILL increase your odds of getting your baby back at least 80% THANK YOU!!!! – Tina Carter 1-(832) 850-6977

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