1.) The Lost Dog that is RECOVERED by CITIZEN

Outgoing, gregarious dogs that are trusting of people or dogs that may freeze or cower when a stranger approaches are the most likely dogs to experience this scenario.

2.) The ROAMING Dog at LARGE

STARS dogs, (Shy, Timid, Aloof, Reserved or Skittish), are the most likely dogs to end up roaming or wandering. Dogs of certain breeds are also prone to this behaviour as well as dogs that go missing from a place other than their home territory.

3.) The STOLEN Dog

This is one of the least likely scenarios although many people initially believe this is what has happened to their pet.

Dogs are stolen:   For resale- if it is a desirable breed or is unique in some way or
An individual has an interest in the pet or
As revenge to hurt or cause the pet owner distress

4.) The missing dog that MEETS with an ACCIDENT

This dog has met with an accident and is unable to return  home as a result of that accident.

5.) The lost dog that MEETS with a PREDATOR  

This is an ever increasing problem in the U.S. Certain areas of the country are more likely to experience pets in this situation but predators taking pets is now a nationwide problem. The predator most commonly involved is the coyote although bobcat attacks are becoming more common.

6.) The missing dog that is experiencing CONFUSION, ILLNESS or PAIN (CIP)

This scenario is not to be confused with a dog that has become injured or sick as a result of escaping. This animal is already experiencing these afflictions prior to going missing. It is more common in cats than dogs but it does occur with canines especially dogs that are on new medications.


This pet has wandered or fell into a situation where he has become trapped and cannot get out.

8.) The missing dog that is INTENTIONALLY DISPLACED

This dog has been unable to return home because it has been displaced from its environment intentionally by someone either known or unknown to the pets owner.

9.) The lost dog that is ACCIDENTALLY TRANSPORTED

These lost pets are unable to respond and return because they have accidentally entered a vehicle or object that has moved and is now in another area outside their home territory

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