Search for Lost Pets in Jacksonville

Published on | Comments Off on Search for Lost Pets in Jacksonville uses a cutting-edge system to help owners reunite with their wayward pets, even in cities as large and busy as Jacksonville. It may seem like an overwhelming task to search for lost animals in a city like this, but our system was designed to help you immediately put out the word and get a lot of people looking out for your dog or cat.

With our alert system, you can save a lot of time by informing quickly informing your neighbors and the local pet-related establishments without having to visit them all yourself. Once you have submitted your information we will immediately send a phone alert to your neighbors and fax or email your lost cat poster (or dog poster, obviously) to the relevant organizations. We will make sure the Jacksonville Animal Control, pet stores, and shelters are aware of your pet and know who to contact when it shows up.

This may be a large city, but you shouldn’t give up hope of finding your lost dog or cat. Most of these pets actually have a very strong survival instinct, and it’s not uncommon for them to turn up months after they first went missing. At we will store your pet’s information in our database, so whenever they are found, these organizations will know who the owner is. If your pet gets lost, don’t hesitate to send out your alert. The sooner you act, the more likely you will see your beloved animal again.

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Searching for Lost Pets in Austin

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Give your beloved pets the best chance to return home by taking advantage of our system for finding lost animals. At we have successfully reunited hundred of pets and their owners, and our system is getting more effective every day. Austin is a huge city, and it may seem like an overwhelming task to try and find your lost cat in the middle of it, but if you can spread the word fast enough, you can have a lot more people on the lookout.

Dogs and cats can cover a lot of ground surprisingly fast, but our alerts can go faster. When you submit your information to us, we will issue the alert that same day and deliver important information to your neighbors and many of the pet-related businesses and organizations in the area. We can use your information to create an effective lost dog poster (or cat poster) and send it to the most relevant places. We will also send out a Facebook/Twitter blast to reach even more people and inform them of your loss.

No matter how big the city is, you shouldn’t give up hope of finding your lost pets. There are many examples of wayward dogs and cats showing up after months of wandering, and the more people that have seen a picture of your pets, the more likely this is to happen to you. Even so, the faster you move, the more likely your pet will be found. Don’t wait to send your alert.

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Locating Lost Pets in Memphis

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At we employ state-of-the-art technology to reach as many people as possible and tell them about your missing pets. We have a long history of reuniting pets and their owners, and we can help you save valuable time by sending out phone and poster alerts to the people and organizations in your community. Memphis is a big town, and there are a lot of places for innocent animals to get lost, but our system can increase your chances to find your lost pet.

Lost and found dogs can show up almost anywhere, which is why it is so important to circulate your pet’s description as soon as possible. Shelters can only hold onto animals for a certain length of time before they have to resort to a lethal injection. If you have already provided the shelters and pounds in Memphis with pictures and information about your dog or cat, they will immediately know who to contact when it turns up.

Bringing you pet home safe and sound is our priority, and our system has been very successful. We begin by collecting your contact information and details about your missing dog or cat. From this we can create effective posters and send them to various pet-oriented organizations. We will also send a personalized phone alert to your neighbors so the people in your community will be able to contribute to your search.

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Finding Lost Dogs in Houston

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Houston is a large city, and when your pet becomes lost in it, you need to act fast in order to have the best chances of being reunited with your lost dog or cat. With Pet Amber Alert, you can get the word out to neighbors, vets, animal shelters and more in record time—increasing the range and number of people who are willing and wanting to help you.

Unfortunately in some cases, a lost dog in Houston is unclaimed at the local pound or animal shelter, which can lead to lethal injection if the shelter has no way of knowing how to locate its owner. Acting as your lost dog finder, Pet Amber Alert notifies these agencies that are within a 100 mile radius of your missing pet—because lost dogs in Houston can travel very far in a short period of time.

Pet Amber Alert does more than just create a lost cat poster that is put on the telephone pole of your neighborhood street corner. We fax and email your poster to animal control, media outlets, the police, pet stores and more—anyone who might be interested in learning there is a lost dog in Texas. These agencies help in spreading the word. Because Pet Amber Alert is so memorable, anyone who finds your pet can easily remember how to find your contact information, and with our help, you can increase your chances at success in finding your lost pet.

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Locating Lost Dogs in Phoenix

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When you’ve lost your pet, not much else seems to matter. Pet Amber Alert has the same concerns as you, and we have the experience and the resources to do something about it. Phoenix is a large city, and there are many different pet stores, veterinarians, animal shelters, pounds and media outlets who can work together to find your missing cat or dog. We contact them to make sure that no lost dogs in Arizona are forgotten before they are given a chance to be found.

Pet Amber Alert acts as your lost pet finder in Arizona. Lost dogs in Phoenix could face lethal injection if they are brought to a shelter and no owner is located, but because your contact information is on our database with the identifying characteristics of your pet, you can be reunited if your pet is brought in by animal control.

When you have a lost dog in Arizona, and you are scouring Google for someone to help you “find my dog,” you can rest easy knowing you have done all that you could when you have contacted Pet Amber Alert. We issue alerts the same day we hear from you, and because our name is so recognizable, we get a much larger response than many people can get on their own. Pets move fast—but with our social media following and professional posters, we can get the word out so that your pet makes it safely home.

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You hear the shriek from your toddler as she realizes her favorite living pillow is missing. She runs into the kitchen to tell you “I lost my doggie” and your heart sinks. Now what do you do? There are a few things you should do right away because time is of the essence.

If you had your dog micro-chipped before you brought him home, or if he was chipped in the shelter as a matter of practice, you need to notify the microchip company right away so its network can start searching for your dog. They often send out e-mails to subscribers which can be shared on social media services like Twitter and Facebook to increase the reach.

You should also get out flyers with “lost my doggie” on them that tell your neighbors that your family has lost the family friend. On the flyer should be a good description of your dog, along with a recent picture and when you noticed the dog missing. Give your contact information and keep your cell phone nearby to answer if anyone calls with information about your dog. Having as much detail as possible can be critical in triggering memories in the right people who saw your beloved pet. Just remember to keep the font on your flyers big enough to be read easily, and keep the picture of your dog front and center.

Try to give details of where your dog was when he went missing. This is crucial – if he left from home, he may still be nearby, just out exploring and having a grand adventure. If he ran away while you were on vacation, your dog may be working his way back home to you, but it’s still important to notify everyone along the path to keep an eye out. When you are at home, try to keep familiar objects outside for your dog to smell and be attracted to, and when someone is out searching, if possible, leave someone home to welcome your dog if he comes back during that time.

You should also leave your “lost my doggie” flyers at vet offices and animal shelters in the area so anyone who turns in a found pet to those businesses can help bring your fuzzy buddy back to you. Both vet offices and shelters have the ability to scan microchips, so it helps to put on the flyer that your dog is chipped. Visit these locations often and keep them updated on your search progress.

There is also a more innovative way to try to find your dog – the internet. Sites like give you tools to print off effective flyers and to alert your neighbors by phone that you have “lost my doggie”. (see top of the page) PetAmberAlert uses the center point from where your pet went missing and sends out “Amber Alerts”,  North, South, East and West from the location calling your neighbors and giving them all the information about your dog they need to help you in your search. Think of it as an AMBER alert for your pet.

People who find pets can also go to PetAmberAlert and post that they have found your dog, so everyone can get together and reunite pets and people. Your network of people who care and will be actively searching just increased by leaps and bounds.

Lastly, be ready to spend time every day searching until your pet comes home. You might have to hear your toddler cry that she has “lost my doggie”, but you can involve her in the search, too. Don’t give up! It’s easy to do, but keep the faith – the more you do, the more likely it is your dog will come home.

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Find Lost Pets in Columbus

Published on | Comments Off on Find Lost Pets in Columbus can help you save time and increase your chances to locate your lost pets by employing real state-of-the-art technology in your search. Pets can move fast, so it is imperative that you move even faster to alert your neighbors and local pet-oriented businesses and organizations that your dogs or cats have gone missing. This may seem like a daunting task in a city as large as Columbus, but our system was designed to work fast and reach as many people as possible.

At we have successfully reunited hundreds of lost pets with their owners by immediately circulating information about their pets and making it easy to contact us with any information. When a pet goes missing, we go to work, and we will immediately send the phone and poster alerts to the places they will do the most good. Columbus may be a large city, but we are continually updating our lost pet finder database to make sure your information will get to the right place.

Our system is extremely simple and efficient. We only need to gather a little information from you about your pets and then we can start putting the word out over the phone, through professionally created and distributed posters, and with a social media blast. The more help you get, the more likely you will be to bring your missing cat or dog back home.

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